Announcing Skopje Open 2014

The Debate Program of Youth Educational Forum is announcing its first international British Parliamentary debate tournament Skopje Open 2014.

Skopje Open 2014 will take place on 7-9 November 2014 in Skopje.

The CA team consists of:
Manos Moschopoulos
Manos is the CA of the upcoming Worlds in 2016, after serving as the CA for many tournaments across Europe and having trained at workshops in Europe, Asia and Africa. He was the best ESL speaker at Worlds and a Euros ESL finalist in 2010.

Helena Ivanov
Helena was an ESL finalist and the best EFL speaker at Chennai Worlds. She won Budapest Open 2014 and also was a main break finalist and 2nd best speaker at Paris Open 2014. Helena has been a DCA for Arandjelovac Open and Turku Open and judged many other tournaments in Europe.

Georgi Velkovski
Georgi was an EFL quarterfinalist at Berlin Worlds and won Budapest Open in 2012. He was the CA at the 2013 Global Youth Forum in Galway and a finals judge at tournaments across Europe. In addition to speaking and judging, he has been a tabmaster for competitions across the world.

Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan
Steven has judged the final of 17 IVs. He has been on the Adjudication Core of a number of competitions, including Durham Open, Estonia Open and LSE Open. He is also a EUDC Semi-Finalist and Second Top-Speaker.

Registration is open on the following link starting from August 15th 2014.

The location of the tournament will be announced soon, and the team cap is 32 teams.
The participation fee: 50 EUR debaters and adjudicators (accommodation for 3 nights, 3 meals per day)

More info up do date info can be found on the Facebook event.
Contact mail for further inquiries: