To our dear friend – Alfred Snider

It’s in these grave sad times that a person realizes how connected we all are in our ‘little’ debate community.
We all strive to achieve the same goals: knowledge, education, freedom of speech! We devote our time and energy, we teach and we learn and we all contribute as much as we can to our shared cause.
And yet there is no one more devoted or committed to that cause than our dear friend Alfred Snider.
A man who committed his life to the idea of competitive debate and the benefits that students gain from it. A man who helped countless debate communities and selflessly shared his knowledge with the world. But most importantly, a man who inspires us all to do better to be better.
Not all of us knew him and yet we feel more than inspired by his work and devotion to debate. He motivates us with each training he makes and each tournament he organizes or attends and with each life he’s touched. Those of us who did knew him, were always treated with an assuring word of motivation to always be better, do better! We all send you our love hope you get well so you can one day meet us all and continue to inspire us.

Our love and best wishes are with you!

Macedonian debate society